We provide customized service for all your needs.  

​How do I get started?

​That's easy.  Did  you plan your trip yet?  Call us and tell us your intended plans so we can schedule you in right away.   Your Pet-Sitter will come over to meet you and your Pet, at which time you can go over in depth, of your Pet's entire schedule and needs.  We want to stick to their daily routine, as much as possible.  We'll even take care of some minor chores for you ( water plants, bring in paper and mail, and take out trash).    We intend to provide you peace of mind.

​There are different types of services we offer for your family.  We can discuss what is best for you and your Pet.  

​Check out some of our most popular services that fits everyone's needs.

Daily Day Care - Daily Day Care is for customers who aren't home for long periods of time for whatever the reason.  Usually around mid-day, we can take your Dog out for long walks and let them do their business.

Overnights - Overnights are for customers who do not want to leave their pet alone at night.  So we pack our bags and come stay with them in your home.  We spend the day playing, taking long walks, or going to the Vets office for their appointment or the Doggie Salon if you need us to take them while you're away. 

In Nanny Home Care- In Nanny Home Care, is geared for customers who prefer their Pet to stay with us in a Nanny family home.  It's almost like their taking a vacation too.  

Vacation Care - Vacation Care, is for customers who want to customize their visits for us to come in several times a day to take care your Pet.   We'll prepare their breakfast and  dinner or even their mid-day snacks.  We'll take your Dog's out for their morning or evening walks.  We'll tidy the Cats litter boxes at every visit, freshen up their water bowls and snuggle on the couch together for a bit.

Holiday Care - Holiday Care, doesn't mean we stop when the holidays are around.  We know how busy the holidays are.  Familys, friends and co-workers demand your attention.  Well, we work right through the holidays for you.  We can maintain your daily routines, or even stay with them while your visiting everyone.  Holiday care is your opportunity to customize your Pets visits.

Last Minute Care
 - Once you are an established client, Last Minute Care, can be extremely helpful.  It is well, exactly what it is.  You're in a traffic jam and can't make it home in time?  Don't worry, call us and we'll run over and let them out.  Stuck at the office?  Just call us, and we'll take care of Dinner for them.

Dog Training - How about a little dog training while we Pet-Sit?  We can customize the training you're interested in, and with a little time and consistency, your Dog will be graduating at the top his "Breed"!  
​Is your dog suffering from separation anxiety when you leave for work or even the short trips to run errands?  Sometimes they miss you so much, they take their anxiety out on the door trim, your couch, or even the carpet.  We can discuss the behavior your seeking from your Pet and we can handle the training for you while you're away.  When you return, we go over the training session and routine, and with time and consistency, your Pooch, won't worry so much while you're away.

Medical Needs - We can provide the insulin injections, wrap the cheese around those supplements, or crush that pill and mix it really well with the wet cat food, exactly the way you provide their medicine if needed.  

Pet Transport -  We now offer Pet Transport to and from your home to ours, the Vets office, Doggie Day Care, or even in an Emergency.    Please call us for details and charges.


On our first meeting we will discuss a list of services we can provide while we are caring for your pet.  These services are included, if applicable in the visit cost.  

  • Discussing your security system functions
  • Bringing in the mail, newspapers
  • Give each pet clean fresh water
  • Give each pet the proper amount of food
  • Giving treats (if they are allowed)
  • Cleaning up any accidents that may occur
  • Watering all plants
  • Having “meaningful” playtime with each pet
  • Taking pets for walks
  • Checking all internal doors and windows
  • Checking external doors and windows
  • Changing the lighting arrangement (ON and OFF)
  • Make certain pets are in proper places
  • Making notes for owners
  • Administering medication if needed
  • Re-locking the house

 If there are any other tasks you require while away, do not hesitate to ask. 


  • Will a pet sitter care for my pets in my home or theirs?
  • Do pet sitters just take care of pets while people are out of town?
  • How many times a day should I have the pet sitter come?
  • How long does each visit last?
  • How much do you charge?
  • Do I pay before or after my return?
  • What days do pet sitters provide their services?
  • Will the pet sitter keep my key?
  • Do you keep client information confidential? (key, alarm codes)
  • How are keys returned?
  • What if my pet becomes ill while I’m away?
  • Should the pet sitter be insured and/or bonded?
  • Should I ask for references?
  • Do pet sitters ever stay overnight?
  • Do pet sitters work on holidays?
  • Just what will a pet sitter do at my house?
  • Is it ok a family member stops by?
  • Should I call before I leave or when I get back?
  • What do I need to do to start pet sitting service?
  • If necessary, will the pet sitter take my pets to their location?
  • If I need it, can we arrange for longer or more frequent visits?
  • How much notice do you need to schedule a visit?
  • What if I run out of food while I’m away?
  • What happens if I will be delayed in returning home?
  • Will you charge me for visits if I return home early?
  • My cat lives outside, will you come and make sure they are fed?
  • What if there is an emergency in my home, unrelated to my pet?
  • Will you provide updates on how my pet is doing while I’m away?

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