They say "Time flies when you're having fun!" I couldn't say it any better than that. I started with "The Kennel Alternative" by keeping dogs in my home while their families went away. This last spring, I began visiting many households to care for doggies and kitties that stay in the comforts of their own homes. I also visit those pets whose mommy's and daddy's work long hours. I have found it very rewarding to see all of the "happy tails" when I come through the door. If only I could have them all wag and purr at the same time, there would be quite a "choir" of happiness to be heard. Just give a call and ask for Laura. I have a fenced in yard to play in or give me directions and I'll be glad to be your pets friend and caretaker while you are away. "HappyTails to You".

Born animal lover…yeah that’s me. I’m the one who as a child always brought the bird home with the broken wing for medical attention. As an adult I have lavished that love on my dogs. Adopting my greyhounds was the start of my passion for animal adoption. Today I am the “mommy” to Utley the super mutt. I have always avoided kenneling my dogs and found Pet-Sit a wonderful solution for a pet owner. I hope to have your loving pet join us for a “vacation” at my home or care for them at yours.

My back yard has been the playground for many a dog over the years. We have looked after many a pup along with our own. We have had several dogs through the years (currently our muttly Utley) and have now chosen to share our home and backyard with your special pet. Playing and special loving are on the daily schedule. So let us make your vacation worry free.

Bill & Patricia S
Retired from the corporate world and with our children grown, we 
searched for a way to combine the desire to stay active while doing 
what has always been an enjoyment in our life. Pet-Sit was the answer! We now devote ourselves to the caring and safekeeping of your beloved pet whenever your plan or schedule does not permit. We have always loved the company of animals our entire lives. They have always been in our home and remain in our hearts, each in their own special way.

I joined Pet-Sit in 2007. I called Beverly, as a customer to inquire about pet-sitting for my kids. After speaking with her, I loved the idea so much, after our trip, I started pet-sitting for her part-time. I know I can provide peace of mind to other's as Bev has provided for us when we were out of town.  I am also certified in Pet CPR & first aid. I love all animals and am passionate about responsible pet ownership. I will continue to work with them for as long as I possibly can.

I have been a school bus driver for over thirty years. I have recently come on board with pet sit and have enjoyed my first couple of overnight stays. I have adopted all my cats since my teens. At this time Mya and Luca, brother and sister are my fussy companions. In my twenties I adopted my horse Paco when he was just left at a farm by his previous owner. My first dog Woody, a Sheppard Husky mix, I rescued off the street in Phila. My current pal Billy, a Jack Russell Terrier, came from the Woman's Human Society. I look forward to meeting you and YOUR precious companions when you need a Pet Sitter.

Karen C
While working full time, I have worked with Pet-sit on and off for over a dozen years part time.  I enjoy meeting people but enjoy meeting their pets even more! Taking care of dogs, cats, birds, hamsters, and even hermit crabs has put a smile on my face over the years.   
I find the work very rewarding.
I was brought up mainly around dogs but once I got older only cats were allowed where I lived.   I said “What the heck, let’s get a cat!”  One turned into two, which turned into five:   Mitzi, Katie, Buddy, Daisy and Holly keep me busy. Two of my babies are rescue kitties.  They are all getting up in age now and all have their own personalities which I love. I enjoy taking care of animals and keeping them company while their parents are away, watching movies, reading, traveling and soccer!

Stephanie M.
I think life is about doing what you love and being happy, so I am grateful that I have the ability to follow my passion! Ever since I can remember, I have always had and loved pets. I was raised in a home where our animals were
greatly loved and always considered a part of the family. I adore every kind of pet and think they are all special and deserve to be treated so. I am observant, patient, and responsible!

I currently have a 2 yr.old yellow lab, Ally, that brings much joy to my family. 
Along with the many blessings of pets I had in my life, I had a yellow lab named, Bonnie for 10 1/2 years. Bonnie became a diabetic the last 5 years of her life. I had her on prescription dog food and had to administer insulin injections twice a day. So I am familiar and experienced in giving injections and oral medications.

I have a connection with animals and would love the opportunity to care for your pets in your home or mine as if they were my own! I look forward to meeting with you and your pets.

As far as I can remember, I have always been around animals.  In the family home, we had a variety of creatures: a cat, ferret, bird, mice, hamsters and dogs.  I will never forget our first dog, Scruffy, a mutt that scratched at our back door one winter evening.  When Scruffy came back the next night and the next, I knew we now had a dog AND knew I was hooked.  An animal, big or small, can instantaneously bring warmth, love and peace into the home. 

When I moved into my own home, it was time to bring warmth, love and peace into the house.  Our first rescue was complicated but the best decision I ever made.  My “best decision” was a filthy, aggressive, unsocial, 85-pound yellow Lab named Amber.  I took her home and let instinct, common sense and patience be my training guide.  Within six months, Amber was able to relax, showed no signs of food/ treat/toy aggression and within one year, actually played with two other dogs. 

We knew that rescuing hard to place senior dogs would be “our thing” so before Amber left us, she met her brother, Max.  Our dear Max is a 100-pound Rottweiler-Bloodhound mix.  I do not know where to begin and there is still no end to stories about Max.  Every day is a challenge but we have the patience and understanding to work with his issues.  To add to our pack and patience, we rescued Misty, a black Rottweiler-Lab mix and Hershel, a Golden Retriever-Lab mix.  Although adopted at different times, both were abused and then tossed away; Misty was on her own for a year and Hershel for three months.   

I share these stories show the compassion and dedication Pet Sit nannies have for animals in their care.  As a new Pet Sit nanny, I take great pride in what I do and appreciate our customers who allow me into their home and trust me to care for their furry family members. 

Karla B.

My father did contract work for most of my childhood. I was born in Texas and we moved each time my father’s contract ended and a new one began in another city or state.  We always had pets during my youngest years but during the contract years we lived in apartments. No pets allowed. I was constantly befriending stray cats. I would leave food out for them and look for them when I came home from school. At last we settled in NJ and became parents to a Maltese  we named Bobo. I was in charge of grooming him. Even after I was married and living in PA, I would keep Bobo in my schedule to keep him groomed. Soon my own family became parents to the sweetest Cocker Spaniel we named Candy. I now have a West Highland Terrier. Calvin, my pesky westie is total love and totally spoiled! I continue to groom my pets myself. This has taught me patience and how to gain the total trust my pets have in me as their care giver. I look forward to the varied critters that will need my love and attention while their families are away. A good day is when I come home full of smells from other pets. My Calvin mauls me from head to toe as if to say I have cheated on him. Never fear, we always kiss and make up!

I am an active member of my parish. I work with our youth as an acolyte leader, I am an Altar Guild member and a Eucharistic Lay Visitor. I love to garden so I help tend the memorial garden and I am the treasurer for the Hulmeville Garden Club. This means I will enjoy keeping your garden happy as well as your pets!

Lisa A. 

Having had pets all of my life, I am very passionate about them.
I currently have a rescue dog [Molly] she is a 10 year old Boxer-Pit
mix. Molly likes to go to the dog park and loves her Frosty Paws for her
night time treat! I can’t even begin to imagine a happy life for
myself that doesn’t include a four-legged furry friend. I will never grow
tired of a pet. They are a constant source of surprises and rewards,
they love you unconditionally! Petting, scratching, and cuddling a pet could be as soothing to the mind and heart as deep meditation and is also good for the soul.

I am a volunteer for [AHTN] Advocates for the homeless and those in
need. I was in Retail for 24 years and wanted to do something rewarding
so I decided on Pet Sitting. So if your schedule prevents you from giving
your furry friend the attention you want it to have, give me a call, I am
also available if you need me to stay overnight.


​Interested in turning your passion for pets into a career? Contact us today to discuss joining the Pet Sit 2 team!

I was raised on a farm with cows, horses, pigs, chickens, cats, dogs, birds, hamsters, and fish. I owned my own business for over 20 years.  Now I volunteer at the Santa Rosa Kids House and have a part time job.
Currently I have a cat named Tinkerbell.  I rescued him before his family turned him over to the shelter. Yes, I did say "him".  The little girl of the family named him.  I usually call him Tink.I have cat and dog sit for family, friends, neighbors, and clients.  I look forward to meeting you, your pets, and working for Pet Sit 2.​

At Pet Sit, we are passionate about pets and care for your pets as if they are our own.


​​Beverly J. Sands
As the owner of Pet-Sit since 1992, I have loved caring for animals my entire life. I grew up on a farm in Evansburgh, PA. We had all kinds of animals on our farm. It was a great learning process as I learned to care for each and every one of them. I
also trained and was a Show Mom to German Shepherds.

While I was a single parent, caring for my daughter, Randee, it became apparent I needed additional income. So, I decided to turn my love for animals, into a business of caring for them. I have been in the Pet sitting business for over 20 years, right here in Bucks County. Currently I am on the board of a adoption/shelter in San Carlos, Mexico. If you wish to donate or adopt, please go to our Facebook page SCPAC (San Carlos Pet Adoption Center).

In addition, my team and I recently particapted in the "Paws for Life" Dog Walk hosted by GILDA'S Club Delaware Valley back in October 2011 and raised over $300.00. I am very proud to have also volunteered my time rescuing the animals from Hurricane Ivan, Rita, Katrina and Ike (Galveston Hurricane). Pet-Sit organized truck loads of supplies donated generously by the residents of the PA Tri-County area and collected over $7000 for the animals rescued from Hurricane Katrina.

​As I have had many animals all my life, my most significant and best Pet-Sitter was Scooter, my dearest friend of 16 years. He had a heart of gold and went to work with me with a smile on his face everyday and I miss him dearly. I have since adopted a little girl (pictured above) named LuLa Noel. She is now my new tag along pet-sitter. She is as sweet as can be, wish Scotter was here to meet his sister. 

I have a great staff of ladies who all have a deep love for all animals as I do. We are a family here at Pet-Sit. My staff are trained and professionally capable of handing all pets, of all kinds. They are all different and come with a vast variety of experience and all have a lot to offer your pets. 

I'll let them tell you a little about themselves